AM-140023 Arrowmax Arrowmax Pit Mat (1200 X 600 MM)  [AM-140023]

Arrowmax AM-140023 Arrowmax Pit Mat (1200 X 600 MM)
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Arrowmax introduce their latest pit-mat created by amazing materials. Measure at 1200 x 600mm, the present day pit pad offer good size and provide ample area to have results on. Using a non-slip rubberize materials at base, and toped with TC item at first glance, the pit pad are durable yet quite simple to fold up without making any lines and wrinkles. With 1.5mm depth, the likelihood of screws bouncing down are minimal. Printed with Arrowmax custom logo design to deliver that additional expert appearance.


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1 Reviews
First time I have ordered rc parts internationally, you made it so easy and are very efficient. Will order from rc jazz again without hesitation.

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