AM-158801 Arrowmax Nut Driver Set 3/16 1/4 5/16 11/32 & 3/8 X 100mm - 5-teilig.  [AM-158801]

Arrowmax AM-158801 Nut Driver Set 3/16 1/4 5/16 11/32 & 3/8 X 100mm - 5-teilig.
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Arrowmax has released Nut Driver Set 1 & X 100mm 5-teilig. under Nut / Socket Driver Craft Tools category


  • AM-150247, Nut Driver 3/16" (4.763MM) X 100MM
  • AM-150263, Nut Driver 1/4" (6.35MM) X 100MM
  • AM-150279, Nut Driver 5/16" (7.938MM) X 100MM
  • AM-150287, Nut Driver 11/32" (8.731MM) X 100MM
  • AM-150295, Nut Driver 3/8" (9.525MM) X 100MM

a razor-sharp purple anodised hollow aluminium handle, lightweight non-slip hollow, difficult anodized aluminum handles with size indicator bands.
Machined unique springtime metal for very long life and excellent torsion. Solid and convenient to use, the guidelines firmly lock the screw in its place.
Aluminum handle end caps, that submit palm of this hand for convenience and control.

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