AM-199402 Arrowmax AM Toolset(25pcs) With Toolbag  [AM-199402]

Arrowmax AM-199402 AM Toolset(25pcs) With Toolbag
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Arrowmax has released AM Toolset25pcs With Toolbag under Tools Set Craft Tools category

Includes: AM-110115 ALLEN WRENCH 1.5 X 120MM AM-110120 ALLEN WRENCH 2.0 X 120MM AM-110125 ALLEN WRENCH 2.5 X 120MM AM-110130 ALLEN WRENCH 3.0 X 120MM AM-120120 BALL DRIVER HEX WRENCH 2.0 X 120MM AM-120125 BALL DRIVER HEX WRENCH 2.5 X 120MM AM-120130 BALL DRIVER HEX WRENCH 3.0 X 120MM AM-130130 FLAT MIND SCREWDRIVER 3.0 X 150MM AM-130140 FLAT MIND SCREWDRIVER 4.0 X 150MM AM-130150 FLAT MIND SCREWDRIVER 5.0 X 120MM AM-130158 FLAT MIND SCREWDRIVER 5.8 X 100MM AM-140135 PHILLIPS SCREWDRIVER 3.5 X 120MM AM-140140 PHILLIPS SCREWDRIVER 4.0 X 120MM AM-140150 PHILLIPS SCREWDRIVER 5.0 X 120MM AM-140158 PHILLIPS SCREWDRIVER 5.8 X 120MM AM-150155 NUT MOTORIST 5.5 X 100MM AM-150170 NUT DRIVER 7.0 X 100MM AM-190001 EXHAUST SPRING / CASTER CLIP REMOVER AM-190002 WRENCH-GLOWPLUG / CLUTCHNUT - 10MM LONG AM-190003 REAMER AMONG END CAP FOR LEXAN BODY AM-190004 FLYWHEEL WRENCH AM-190015 FLYWHEEL REMOVER (SMALL) AM-190008 TURNBUCKLE WRENCH 3MM AM-190021 ARM REAMER 3.0 X 120MM AM-190025-P MULTI SHOCK-CLAMP V2 ( Purple ) AM-199401 have been EMBROIDERY TOOL BAG Arrowmax have released own complete variety of quality and durable tools able to stay in the product situation a lot longer for a satisfactory cost. Tool case focus on the main tools you've got in almost each class of rc battle. Included are: allen, ball allen, flat head, philips, nut spinner, reamer and exhaust spring tool. You'll around 24-28 tools per bag, making it more complete with respect to the class you run.

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