AM-199404 Arrowmax AM Toolset (25pcs) With Tools Bag  [AM-199404]

Arrowmax AM-199404 AM Toolset (25pcs) With Tools Bag
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Arrowmax has released AM Toolset 25pcs With Tools Bag under Tools Set Craft Tools category

INCLUDES: AM-110235 ALLEN WRENCH .035 X 120MM AM-110250 ALLEN WRENCH .050 X 120MM AM-110263 ALLEN WRENCH .063 (1/16") X 120MM AM-110278 ALLEN WRENCH .078 (5/64") X 120MM AM-110293 ALLEN WRENCH .093 (3/32") X 120MM AM-120278 BALL DRIVER HEX WRENCH .078 (5/64") X 120MM AM-120293 BALL DRIVER HEX WRENCH .093 (3/32") X 120MM AM-130130 FLAT MIND SCREWDRIVER 3.0 X 150MM AM-130150 FLAT MIND SCREWDRIVER 5.8 X 100MM AM-140135 PHILLIPS SCREWDRIVER 3.5 X 120MM AM-140158 PHILLIPS SCREWDRIVER 5.8 X 120MM AM-150247 NUT DRIVER 3/16" (4.763MM) X 100MM AM-150263 NUT DRIVER 1/4" (6.35MM) X 100MM AM-150279 NUT DRIVER 5/16" (7.938MM) X 100MM AM-150287 NUT DRIVER 11/32" (8.731MM) X 100MM AM-150295 NUT DRIVER 3/8" (9.525MM) X 100MM AM-190001 EXHAUST SPRING / CASTER CLIP REMOVER AM-190002 WRENCH-GLOWPLUG / CLUTCHNUT - 10MM LONGER AM-190003 REAMER WITH END CAP FOR LEXAN BODY AM-190008 TURNBUCKLE WRENCH 3MM V2 AM-190009 TURNBUCKLE WRENCH 4MM V2 AM-190010 TURNBUCKLE WRENCH 5MM V2 AM-190015 FLYWHEEL REMOVER (SMALL) AM-190024 ARM REAMER 1/8 (3.17) X 120MM AM-190025-P MULTI SHOCK-CLAMP V2 ( Purple ) AM-199401 have always been EMBROIDERY TOOL BAG

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