FlyFun HOBBYWING 18A V4.3 - 30202150  [HW-30202150]

HOBBYWING FlyFun 18A V4.3 - 30202150
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Hobbywing has released FlyFun 18A V4.3 30202150 under Aircraft ESC / BEC Motor / ESC / Cooling Fan category

Great Performance

Imported elements therefore the PCB (printed circuit
board) with extremely low impedance utilized by FlyFun ESCs gurantee
great current endurance, good performance and high reliability.

Programmale Parameters

With a rich band of programmable parameters (via a Light-emitting Diode system
card/box), FlyFun ESC does connect with different aircraft (like fixed-wing,
heli, multirotor and etc.)

Several Protections

Multiple protection features consist of abnomal input
voltage, ESC thermal, throttle sign loss (or Fail secure), and low voltage
cutoff efficiently prolongs an ideal option would be life the ESC.

Product Specification


  • Brushed/Brushless : BL
  • High Voltage/Regular : Regular


  • Cont./Peak Present : 18A/22A
  • Input : 2-4S LiPo
  • BEC Output : Linear mode:5V,2A
  • Output cables : Blue-18AWG-75mm*3
  • Input Connectors : No
  • Output Connecotors : 4.0 silver Connectors (Female)

ESC Programing via

  • Transmitter : Supported
  • LED Program Card : Supported
  • LED Program Box : perhaps not Supported
  • LCD Program Box : Not Supported
  • WiFi Module : perhaps not Supported
  • Program Port : Program/Throttle Wire


  • Firmware Upgrade : maybe not Supported

Size & Weight

  • Size : 48.0x22.5x6.0mm
  • Weight : 19g

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