FLYFUN HOBBYWING 40A V5 - 30214002  [HW-30214002]

HOBBYWING FLYFUN 40A V5 - 30214002
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Hobbywing has released FLYFUN 40A V5 30214002 under Aircraft ESC / BEC Motor / ESC / Cooling Fan category

DEO tech / Active Freewheeling

The DEO technology (Driving effectiveness Optimization) implemented to the
ESC has numerous benefits:
● Rapider and smoother throttle response, better safety and freedom during trip.
● greater driving effectiveness, longer journey time.
● Lower ESC heat, more dependable operation.

Smooth Start-ups & Reverse Brake

New soft start-up modes are placed on regular propeller aircraft and
EDF aircraft with various sizes. With Reverse Brake mode enabled when
landing can efficiently decrease the sliding distance with this specific aircraft to
simulate the landing of a traditional aircraft (within an excellent brief distance,
the FLYFUN 130A/160A-HV-OPTO-V5 doesn’t have this function).
Normal Brake Mode, Proportional Brake mode, and Brake Disabled mode
can be had; the braking system amount is adjustable in normal braking system mode
whilst in proportional braking system mode, the brake force will more than likely to be automatically
allotted on the basis of the host to radio throttle stick.

High-power BEC

High-power switch-mode BEC with continuous/peak present of
8A/20A and voltage adjustable among 5.2V, 6.0V and 7.4V licenses
users to possess more electronics or products with greater energy
like servo, flight controller, and on-board light within the aircraft.

Several Protections

Multiple protection features consist of start-up,
over-current, ESC thermal, capacitor thermal,
overload, throttle signal loss (or Fail secure),
and unusual input voltage efficiently
prolongs the answer life of ESC.

Unique Design & Great performance

New design brings exquisite look and good heat-dissipating performance.
Imported elements, the high-performance 32-bit microprocessor, along with the PCB
(printed circuit board) with extremely low impedance employed by the ESC guarantee
great present endurance, exceptional performance and high reliability. The ESC is
for sale in high-voltage/regular variation with various Amps.

A few Programmable Parameters

Multiple programmable parameters for setups of various fixed-wing
aircraft are adjustable via transmitter or Hobbywing Light-emitting Diode program field.

Product Specification


  • Brushed/Brushless : BL
  • High Voltage/Regular : Regular


  • Cont./Peak Present : 40A/60A
  • Input : 3-6S LiPo
  • Output cables : modification Mode: 5.2V/6V/7.4V, 8A/20A
  • Input Connectors : Blue-16AWG-75mm*3
  • Output Connecotors : No
  • Transmitter : 3.5 silver Connectors (Female)

ESC Programing via

  • LED Program Card : Supported
  • LED Program Box : perhaps not Supported
  • LCD Program Box : Supported
  • WiFi Module : maybe not Supported
  • Program Port : maybe not Supported
  • Firmware Upgrade : individual Program Wire


  • Size : not Supported

Size & Weight

  • Weight : 47x28x14mm
  • 44g

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