Platinum HOBBYWING 80A V4 - 30203200  [HW-30203200]

HOBBYWING Platinum 80A V4 - 30203200
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alt="HOBBYWING Platinum 80A V4 - 30203200" title="HOBBYWING Platinum 80A V4 - 30203200"
alt="HOBBYWING Platinum 80A V4 - 30203200" title="HOBBYWING Platinum 80A V4 - 30203200"
alt="HOBBYWING Platinum 80A V4 - 30203200" title="HOBBYWING Platinum 80A V4 - 30203200"
Hobbywing has released Platinum 80A V4 30203200 under Aircraft ESC / BEC Motor / ESC / Cooling Fan category

Super smooth Start-up

Platinum V4 serial things allows the engine to begin with acutely smooth
and prevents tail-drift conditions that helicopters experience. The start-up time
is adjustable from 8 to 25 moments, this can positively create a fantastic
start point for every single journey.

Exceptional motor Speed Governing

High-performance 32-bit processor with a prossesing regularity of 72MHz in conjunction with
high rate algorithm optimizes the rate governing. Utilizing the adjustable governor
parameters it will guarantee every pilot a precise and efficient control experience.

Other Features

A split system slot helping you to link programmer with this particular ESC permits person to
● Program ESC,
● Check trip information include minimal voltage, maximum heat, standardized RPM and
price fold (in Heli Governing store mode) of trip parameters recorded by the ESC,
●Upgrade ESC firmware with a mutifunction LCD system package or a WiFi Module & our
Apple/Android phone App.

Four Brake Modes

This Platinum 80A V4 ESC has “Brake Disabled, Normal Brake, Proportional
Brake and Reverse Brake” four stopping system modes. The stopping system volume is adjustable in
normal braking system mode; in proportional braking system mode, the braking system force can be
immediately selected in line with the position of radio throttle stick; backwards
stopping system mode, the engine rotation are changed via an extra transmitter channel.

Product Specification


  • Brushed/Brushless : BL
  • High Voltage/Regular : Regular


  • Cont./Peak Current : 80A/100A
  • Input Voltage : 3-6S LiPo
  • BEC production : change Mode:5-8V,10A

Wires & Connectors

  • Input cables : Red-12AWG-150mm*1/Black-12AWG-150mm*1
  • Output cables : Black-12AWG-100mm*3
  • Input Connectors : No
  • Output Connecotors : 4.0mm silver Connectors (Female)

ESC Programing via

  • Transmitter : maybe not Supported
  • LED Program Card : maybe not Supported
  • LED Program Box : perhaps not Supported
  • LCD Program Box : Supported
  • WiFi Module : Supported
  • Program Port : specific Program Port


  • Firmware Upgrade : Supported

Size & Weight

  • Size : 84.3x38.2x20.4mm
  • Weight : 97g


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