XeRun HOBBYWING XR8 SCT - 30113301  [HW-30113301]

HOBBYWING XeRun XR8 SCT - 30113301
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alt="HOBBYWING XeRun XR8 SCT - 30113301" title="HOBBYWING XeRun XR8 SCT - 30113301"
alt="HOBBYWING XeRun XR8 SCT - 30113301" title="HOBBYWING XeRun XR8 SCT - 30113301"
alt="HOBBYWING XeRun XR8 SCT - 30113301" title="HOBBYWING XeRun XR8 SCT - 30113301"
alt="HOBBYWING XeRun XR8 SCT - 30113301" title="HOBBYWING XeRun XR8 SCT - 30113301"
alt="HOBBYWING XeRun XR8 SCT - 30113301" title="HOBBYWING XeRun XR8 SCT - 30113301"
Hobbywing has released XeRun XR8 SCT 30113301 under Car ESC Motor / ESC / Cooling Fan category

Full-sensored Mode Supported

The 1st 1/8 scale competition ESC which will work the full-sensored mode anyway
times (whenever combining it with a HOBBYWING matching engine).

Turbo Timing Technology

Turbo timing technology is implemented by the XR8 SCT to unleash the most energy
of a HOBBYWING matching motor.

Small & Light construction Design

Small (30.1per cent smaller than XR8 Plus in proportions) and light (36.5g lighter than XR8
Plus in fat) framework design notably simplifies setting up
the power system (esp. for cars like buggy and touring vehicle
with compact framework).

Programming / Upgrading /
information reading wirelessly

With Hobbywing's "WiFi Express" module and iPhone or an Android phone (with the HOBBYWING
WiFi Link computer software installed), the buyer can from another location plan parameters, upgrade firmware and
check always relevant information about the ESC without making the control stand.


The XR8 SCT provides a truly smooth off-throttle coasting function, which simulates the impression
of inertia and power of a large-scale car driving experience. This might greatly enhance the
performance of builds making use of big, high-powered motors as electromagnetic drag
becomes a substantial factor in unforeseen deceleration whenever in off-throttle
position, adversely impacting driving performance and general maneuvering.

Capacitor Thermal Protection

Capacitor thermal security implemented by the XR8 SCT will efficiently prevent capacitors
from exploding and causing irreversible harm to the ESC as a result of overload.

High Voltage integrated BEC

High voltage incorporated BEC with a manufacturing up-to-date all the way to 15 Amp and a
switchable production voltage of 6V-7.4V allows users to
utilize different high torque and high voltage servos.

High Reliability & Durability

Built with tough and top-notch elements and in combination with cutting-edge firmware,
the XR8 SCT can deliver unmatched energy and satisfaction perhaps the absolute many hardcore
of rushing applications, it is usually responsive enough to shield itself from harm due
to overloading because of genuine punishment, overuse and/or individual error.

Advanced and Secure Electronic Switch

Electronic switch with a lifespan of over 50000 on/off cycles, housed in an entirely waterproof,
dust-proof and shock-resistant design.

Ultra-Reliable Cooling System

HOBBYWING's patented air-con technology makes use of proprietary heat-conductive copper
pubs to quickly and effectively go all interior heat through the MOSFET board towards
incorporated CNC machined billet aluminum heatsink housing. The cooling fan adopts a
shockproof mounting which effortlessly reduces the opportunity
of fan damage considering vehicle’s regular jumps.

Wide applicability

This XR8 SCT ESC isn't just relevant to 1/8th buggies and short-course
vehicles and also 1/10th short-course cars, vehicles and monster automobiles.

Item Specification


  • Scale : 1/8th&1/10th
  • Brushed/Brushless : BL
  • Sensored/Sensorless : SD
  • Waterproof : No


  • Cont./Peak Present : 140A/880A
  • Input Voltage : 2-4S Lipo/6-12 Cell NiMH
  • BEC production : modification Mode: 6V/7.4V,6A

Wires & Connectors

  • Input Wires : Red-12AWG-200mm*1/Black--12AWG-200mm*1
  • Output Wires : Blue -12AWG-200mm*1
    Orange -12AWG-200mm*1
  • Input Connectors : No
  • Output Connectors : No


  • Size : 30x30x10mm
  • Voltage quantity : 5-7.4V
  • Powered by : BEC

ESC Programing via

  • SET Button on ESC : maybe not Supported
  • LED Program Box : not Supported
  • LCD Program Box : Supported
  • WiFi Module : Supported
  • Program Port : PRG/Fan Port


  • Firmware Upgrade : Supported

Size & Weight

  • Size : 54.1x37.2x36.1mm
  • Weight : 90.5g


  • Motors : SL BL Motors
    SD BL Motors
  • Vehicles : 1/10th SCT/Truck/Monster Truck & 1/8th Buggy/On-road Racing
  • KV Rating/T Count : With 2S LiPo/6S NiMH: 3660 size motor, KV≤6000
    With 3S LiPo/9S NiMH: 3660 size motor, KV≤4000
    With 4S LiPo/12S NiMH: 3660 size engine, KV≤3000
    With 4S LiPo/12S NiMH: 4268 size engine, KV≤2500.

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