101506-B HUDY Executive Automatic Comm Lathe - Slot - BBG  [HSP-101506-B]

HUDY 101506-B Executive Automatic Comm Lathe - Slot - BBG
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HUDY has released Executive Automatic Comm Lathe Slot BBG under Motor Comm Lathes Setup Tools category

Principal features:
The planet's 1st totally automated comm lathe for slot automobile engines with a unique center shaft gear drive system featuring ball-bearing guides

• comm lathe for stock machines
• black hard-anodized area
• chosen in fact stands with ball-bearing guides (HUDY design) and synthetic videos for armature
• appears keyed to typical guides for an incredible positioning
• revolutionary gear drive system which spins the armature through a center shaft, and plays a part in vibration-free cut and main engine extended life
• ultra-fine-pitch lead screws for super-accurate device motion
• super-accurate backlash limitation of unit block and supports protected vibration-free motion
• adjustable backstop screw with small purple wheel
• managed speed for entirely automatic cut
• engraved unique ID
• all add-ons included

• create primary motor with connection for a 12VDC energy source
• set up gearbox and gadgets, switch, connection cable
• fuse overload protection
• glued anti-vibration pads prevent all vibrations
• handy travel situation
• drive belts
• shims for device height modification
• motor anti-vibration washer
• 3 hex-wrenches for lathe modification
• cutting unit maybe not included - #101081 Diamond Cutting Tool is preferred
• don't neglect to take a look at recommended option parts

Hudy Comm Lathes are becoming synonymous most rich in higher-level, high-tech comm lathes world-wide. How come Hudy Comm Lathes superior is the philosophy utilized in their design, development, and ensure that you manufacturing stages.

Surface of helps is treated to ensure smooth movement for the device block. You can actually effortlessly and correctly adjust the motion with this cutting unit running wheel. Fasten or loosen the modification screw inside left part the device head, which adjusts the concerns on artificial insert-pad, resulting in fine control related to tightness of unit brain motion.


This lathe includes ball-bearing guides, but it is additionally available with ultra-hardened steel "V" guides.
Do not know which sort to obtain? start to see the FAQ.

A fantastic pitch thread can be utilized on feed screw; one graduation regarding feed knob corresponds to a 0.01 mm motion from the tool bit, this without backlash.

Accurate modification of stand placement.
Stands are manufactured in pairs to ensure 100percent similarity, since they are both keyed into a common guide to ensure perfect placement. Synthetic videos for armature are included as standard accessories.

Revolutionary armature axial assistance. Shaft spins between three ball bearings in Axial Support - no vibrations at all!
#101900 Hudy Axial help available as option simply. A "must have in reality" selection for expert cutting.
Remark :
Due to limited stock availability, please notice that some HUDY items may have to order from the factory and the ready time is around 8-12 weeks. Customer purchases the item is assumed to accept the waiting time which allows us to order directly from the manufacturer if the item is out of our warehouse.

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