Italeri 6477 - 1/35 Semovente L 40 Da 47/32  [IT-6477S]

Italeri 6477 - 1/35 Semovente L 40 Da 47/32
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alt="Italeri 6477 - 1/35 Semovente L 40 Da 47/32" title="Italeri 6477 - 1/35 Semovente L 40 Da 47/32"
This small tank destroyer was made by the Italian Royal Army good hull related to light L6/40 tank. It absolutely was built with a 47mm cannon put into a casemate and even though it offered good ballistic performance, in terms of was initially put into solution in 1941 it had been insufficient to strike all of the enemy's tanks. A similar hull had been often develop a commando variation packed with a radio to coordinate the action of armoured cars. The 47/32 L40 self-propelled tank, reported in around 300 copies, wound up being popular in the final some the war in North Africa. Following the armistice consented in September 1943, the automobiles in Italy that survived the war had been seized and employed by the German army.

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