Italeri 6498 - 1/35 M3a1  [IT-6498S]

Italeri 6498 - 1/35 M3a1
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The light tank M-3 Stuart started to equip U.S. Army due to the fact the beginning of 1941. Powered by a 250 hp air-cooled motor could achieve 60 km/h. It absolutely was present in a big figures in regards to the Mediterranean cinema of war during Operation Torch, america landing in North Africa. The M-3 had been characterized by a somewhat light armor of simply 45mm. and an armament includes a 37mm. primary weapon too small to penetrate the armor of Axis medium and hefty tanks. After the problems obtained facing the German tanks, it was utilized almost totally for reconnaissance tasks flanking medium tanks like Shermans. Inside movie theatre of war of Pacific characterized by certain environmental conditions and the existence of a lower life expectancy range enemy tanks, M-3 could offer outstanding solution degree in infantry close assistance duties.

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