Italeri 6499 - 1/35 Land Lease U.S. Truck & Zis-3 Gun  [IT-6499S]

Italeri 6499 - 1/35 Land Lease U.S. Truck & Zis-3 Gun
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The US6 transportation lorry, manufactured by Studebaker in the beginning of World War II the United States army, is manufactured with a quick significant 200,000 in good thirteen variations to meet numerous logistical needs: troop and product transportation, refuelling, and heavy-trailer hauling. The US6 ended up being a 2.5-Tonne class with petrol motor and integral traction inside the double 6x6 and 6x4 setup, guaranteeing excellent off-road performance. Regardless of vehicle’s amazing faculties, it had been found in a restricted fashion by the united states army. The Soviet armed forces, that said, used it extensively, having received from United states federal government in 1942 (to simply help in fighting the Germans), over 105,000 cars inside the 6x6 variation and 90,000 linked to 6x4’s. In Russia, this automobile was trusted as a tractor for anti-tank ZIS 3 cannons and other OBC. In addition, a “Katiusha” multi-missile launcher had been offered with the US6 framework.

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