Italeri 7519 - 1/72 Semovente M40 Da 75/18  [IT-7519S]

Italeri 7519 - 1/72 Semovente M40 Da 75/18
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The “Semovente” 75/18 M40, manufactured by Fiat Ansaldo, completed up working by Regio Esercito from end of 1941 in North Africa and finished up used up toward end of World War II. Though it originated regarding tank M13/40 old framework, ended up being the only real Italian armored automobile, produced in vast quantities, to pose a crucial risk to Allied tanks. Its 75mm tool had an excellent fire energy and had been effective despite many contemporary and greatly armored enemy tanks just like the Sherman. The truly great and effective weapon was not capable make-up several weaknesses like a too light armor and a unreliable and poor motor straight created from the tank M13/40. The Italian Semovente finished up getting used, particularly, by Ariete and Littorio Armoured Division in North Africa and also, as much as the final outcome of war, by Repubblica Sociale inside North of Italy.

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