32783 Kyosho - MR-03VE PRO 02 Color Limited W/MM Gyro Chassis Set  [KY32783]

Kyosho 32783 - MR-03VE PRO 02 Color Limited W/MM Gyro Chassis Set
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alt="Kyosho 32783 - MR-03VE PRO 02 Color Limited W/MM Gyro Chassis Set" title="Kyosho 32783 - MR-03VE PRO 02 Color Limited W/MM Gyro Chassis Set"
alt="Kyosho 32783 - MR-03VE PRO 02 Color Limited W/MM Gyro Chassis Set" title="Kyosho 32783 - MR-03VE PRO 02 Color Limited W/MM Gyro Chassis Set"
Kyosho has released MR-03VE PRO 02 Color Limited W/MM Gyro Set in 1/27 R/C Models MINI-Z MR-03 RWD assembly kit under On-Road category

Meet with the 4th variation ‘02 colors Limited’ MR-03VE PRO Series framework set which includes the ultra-fast outcome of this MHS (MINI-Z Hybrid Spread Spectrum) 2.4GHz system which 16 times quicker compared to the previous ASF 2.4GHz system + KT-18 transmitter combination and 4 times faster set alongside the ASF 2.4GHz system + KO PROPO EX-1 transmitter combination. The beautiful color scheme the last generation MR-02 is revived within latest version including blue Upper Cover Set (No.MZ502) and Chassis Small Parts Set (No.MZ402) and grey molded elements in to the Chassis Set (No.MZ501) to generate contrasting visuals towards the straight black of normal MR-03 framework. Plus ball diff and complete ball bearing specs related to existing VE PRO, this groundbreaking variation can be full of a gyro item. The MR-03VE PRO 02 colors Limited is a complete race-ready package distinguished by its restricted variation color scheme and is particularly suitable for existing ASF 2.4GHz systems and you will be aided by the Perfex KT-18 as well as the KO PROPO EX-1 transmitters.

  • MR-03VE PRO Chassis Set installed with brushless motor and gyro unit
  • Color scheme revives the sooner MR-02 style
  • Includes complete ball bearings, ball diff and silver plated battery pack terminals
  • All MINI-Z Racer numbers are create. (someone designs need various motor situation - offered on their own)
  • Special circuit board for brushless engine installed with 3 high exposure LEDs
  • Includes electronic steering servo installed with coreless motor
  • Equipped with VCS suspension system system through the MR-03
  • Compatible with MINI-Z MR-03VE expert 02 colors restricted Chassis Set (W-MM) (MHS/ASF Compatible 2.4GHz System) Chassis Set the MR-03 chassis
  • Ultra fast signal processing price leads to almost instantaneous control reaction.


    • Size 124-133mm (MM framework:125-133mm, RM chassis:124-132mm)
    • Width 65-76mm
    • Height 34-35mm
    • Wheelbase 86-106mm(86,90,94,98,102,106)
    • Tread (F/R) Wide:61.5mm/59mm Narrow:56.5mm/56.5mm (whenever wheel offset is 0)
    • Tire (F/R) 23.5-25x8.5mm / 25-27x8.5-11mm
    • Gear Ratio 7.3, 6.3, 5.5, 4.9 : 1
    • Weight 135g (approx.)
    • Engine KV 8500 Xspeed VE brushless


    • MR-03W-MM factory come up with framework installed with Xspeed VE brushless motor
    • One-piece circuit board for brushless motor and RA-27 receiver with ICS connector
    • Parts for changing to RM sort motor mount
    • Upper and paid down dishes for slim tread (front part), steering tie pole (included)
    • Front sus spacer for adjustment
    • Pinion gear tool
    • Pinion gear (7T, 8T, 9T)
    • Spare wheel nut
    • Wheel wrench
    • Pairing stick


    • MHS 2.4GHz transmitter (EX-6R, EX-6) or ASF 2.4GHz transmitter (Perfex KT-18, KO PRPPO EX-1)
    • Auto Scale Collection (body set, tires, tires)
    • 4 x AAA alkaline batteries for transmitter
    • 4 x AAA alkaline batteries or 4 x Ni-MH for framework

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