21VZ-B O.S. Engine V-Spec-T (P)  [OSMG2068]

O.S. Engine 21VZ-B V-Spec-T (P)
O.S. Engine
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Here is the O.S. Max .21 VZ-B V-Spec-T (P) Off-Road 1/8 scale rushing motor.
Ideal for Mugens, Infernos, and hybrid trucks.


  • Hardened, chrome-plated, 4-port, cylinder and liner for high durability and endurance
  • Machined steel piston features parallel rings that trap fuel oils and work out use of them as a seal to boost compression and boost energy
  • Reshaped crankcase core guarantees smoother venting and even more constant performance
  • slip valve carburetor with 8mm and 9mm carbohydrate restrictors allow tuning to particular track conditions, low-end needle adjusts backwards and forwards for maximum modification convenience
  • V-shaped two-piece turbo head design provides fast temperature dissipation


  • One .21 VZ-B V-Spec-T (P) racing motor w/21C carburetor
  • One P3 Ultra Hot Turbo plug
  • One guide w/OS decal
  • One extra brain shim/gasket(another gasket is pre-installed)
  • One 8mm carbohydrate restrictor
  • One 9mm carbohydrate restrictor
  • One exhaust slot seal musical organization
  • Two carbohydrate plastic gaskets
  • One carbohydrate address
  • One exhaust address


  • #203 Air Cleanser Assembly, OSMG2360
  • petrol with about 16per cent lubricant and 15%-30per cent nitro.
  • The fuels we carry fulfill or surpass the lubricant content essential for maximum performance and maximum motor life.


  • Practical RPM: 3000-40,000
  • manufacturing: 2.48 bhp @ 33,000 RPM
  • Bore: 0.654in
  • Stroke: 0.630in
  • Weight w/o Muffler: 12.7 oz (360g)
  • Height from crankcase base to top of cylinder brain: 110.6mm (4.4")
  • Height/crankshaft center to top of cylinder brain: 95.3mm (3.8")
  • Width including mounting ears: 45mm (1.8")
  • Width excluding mounting ears: 30.8mm (1.2")
  • Width between mounting holes same component: 21mm (.83")
  • Width between mounting holes opposite component: 37mm (1.5")
  • Cylinder head diameter: 57.2mm (2.3")
  • Duration of exposed pilot shaft/crankshaft: 29.6mm (1.17")
  • Internal thread size at end of crankshaft: 3mm


  • Turbo radiance plugs do not require a copper gasket.
  • With all the carbohydrate restrictors, the motorist can select either low fuel comsumption or high power, allowing a variety of motor control. Use is frequently the following:
    • -9mm Blue: Fitted with carbohydrate when it makes the factory. appropriate high-speed and flat courses looking energy.
    • -8mm Red: offered engine. Ideal for technical and bumpy courses when less gas use is more important.

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