Speed O.S. Engine 12TZ Spec II  [OS-11385]

O.S. Engine Speed 12TZ Spec II
O.S. Engine
Brand New
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O.S. (#11385) - O.S. Speed 12 TZ Spec II 2 - NEW OS ENGINE

This is the O.S. Max 12TZ Spec II (P) Pilot Crankshaft
Speed Tuned engine for 1/10 scale battle.
Matches IFMAR requirements.

*** because of supreme quality from the TZ Series Engines ***
*** OS will not offer an assurance with this particular motor ***

CHARACTERISTICS: Silicon filled crankshaft Nine fin aluminum ac mind, black colored colored in color Two-piece turbo cylinder brain with magnesium external head Ceramic back ball bearing 11HBS Slide Valve Carburetor (OSMG3667) Round backside exhaust

INCLUDES: One O.S. Max 12TZ Spec II Pilot Shaft Speed Tuned motor with P7 radiance plug (OSMG2695) 11HBS valve carbohydrate, decal sheet, guidelines 5.5mm carbohydrate reducer, and synthetic exhaust sealing ring

NEEDS: Fuel: 10%-30per cent nitro (recommend starting w/20percent changing to a greater nitro content if required) with at the very least 16percent lubricant atmosphere cleanser DTXG2612

SPECS: Bore: 0.543" (13.8mm) Stroke: 0.551" (14.0mm) Displacement: 0.128 cu in (2.1cc) Practical RPM number: 5,000-44,000 power production: 1.7 ps/35,000 RPM fat: 7.336oz (208g)

Distance between mounting holes same component: 0.43" (11mm) Distance between mounting holes opposite component: 1.2" (31.4mm) Width excluding mounting flanges: 1" (25.4mm) Width including mounting flanges: 1.5" (39mm) Height base of crankcase to top of cylinder mind: 3.5" (89mm) Height crankshaft center to top of cylinder mind: 2.9" (74.2mm) Length from front side of crankcase to eliminate of crankshaft: 1.2" (29.5mm) Length center distinct piston to front side of crankcase: 1.4" (34.8mm) Length center distinct piston to front part of crankshaft: 2.5" (64.3mm) Length from backplate to accomplish of crankshaft: 3.1" (79.4mm) Length from backplate to front side of crankcase: 1.9" (49.9mm) Crankshaft threads: 1/4-28

VIEWPOINTS: Some documents on fall valve and rotary carburetors: Rotary carbs provide a bigger response in capability musical organization. This can be perfect for off road applications whenever throttle response needs to be diverse. Slide Valve carbohydrates provide greater reaction initially and end regarding the power musical organization. This is certainly effective for on-road and sporting applications for quick take-offs and high rate. Numerous superior devices have actually short life, as racers constantly strive to "lean them straight down" for greater performance. Regrettably, besides makes machines run hotter, which decreases their life. Needle Valve (aka tall Speed Needle): more or less 2.5 turns from closed, web page 19 in manual Mixture Control Screw (aka minimal rate Needle): Factory occur which slotted mind is flush with carbohydrate body, web page 25 in handbook Metering Needle: Factory emerge which slotted head is flush with ball hyperlink human anatomy, webpage 25 in handbook Throttle Stop Screw: approximately 0.5mm available utilising the reducer eliminated (factory set)

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