SER401746 Serpent Chassis Stiffener Front Short 4X  [SER401746]

Serpent SER401746 Chassis Stiffener Front Short 4X
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Serpent has released Stiffener Front Short 4X under Project 4X PRO EP (SER400032) Project 4X Series category

Venture 4X: Shorter chassis stiffenerFor more torsional flex, an instantaneous stiffener could be had which essentially acts as a connecting point the servo mount thin front part topdeck stiffener. It might simply be there combination with a topdeck, either this new double right topdeck and/or standard flat topdeck. In addition saves significant amounts of fat. The quick stiffener is certainly befitting the latest topdeck stiffeners, nonetheless a 4mm shim can be utilized involving the straight back topdeck stiffener and motormount in this case.

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