SER903697 Serpent Camberlink riser 1/8 (2)  [SER903697]

Serpent SER903697 Camberlink riser 1/8 (2)
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Serpent has released Camberlink riser 2 under Viper 988 1/8 GP (SER903017) Viper Series category


    Camberlink riser metal 988 and 748 and more

    Serpent gift suggestions the camberlink risers for 1/10 and 1/8 scale onroad to be used on the top about the straight back uprights . They are able to fit the most recent variations Natrix 748 and Viper 988, and also to past vehicles as well as other manufacturer cars.

    The risers are accuracy machined in durable Serpent springtime steel with brown finish and show etched figures to help keep better track of the change you make. The 1/10 variation has a 5.8 mm ball meaning 1/8 scale one 6.8mm.
    Adjustment is manufactured with a tiny tip from side (in 1/8) or with a 2.5 mm hex into the surface of riser (in 1/10).

    The risers can be used in place of incorporating or reducing shims beneath the standard camberlink ball.

    Michael Salven states:
    " the benefit of the camberlink risers often you can cause the modification fast and precise without dis-assembling any elements. The modification can also be made during a practise heat inside pits ".

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