14142 Tamiya - 1/12 Honda Dax125  [14142]

Tamiya 14142 - 1/12 Honda Dax125
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Tamiya has released Honda Dax125 under category

This model kit recreates the Honda Dax125 Tamiya Limited Edition in 1/12 scale! (The first-generation Dax in 1969 wound up being recreated by Item 16002.) After on from popular Monkey (Z-series) bikes, the Honda minibike Dax was created in 1969. The Dax had an extraordinary T-bone framework crafted in forced metal which housed the vehicle's gas tank, and centrifugal clutch motor. It was built to be ridden by anyone, anywhere, along with its charming, distinctive type finished up being liked all around the globe. Although its Japanese earnings completed in 1981, the Dax returned in 1995 with the same design towards the original. In 2022, Honda announced the Dax125 which inherits the started Dax recognition, incorporating elements like T-bone frame, a protracted workbench chair, a chrome upswept muffler and more. It could be ridden both on city roadways plus the available road. Owners can choose from the rich tone of pearl nebula red and understated yet elegant pearl cadet grey for the body.

The full-size Dax125 which our model recreates has a tiny edition: the Dax 125 Tamiya Limited Edition - the idea of formal Honda dealer Cub house in Thailand - which has been announced at 2023 Bangkok Overseas engine Show. It employs a sumptuous metallic blue human body adorned with Tamiya twin celebrity logos and many checkered banner motifs having the pulse racing. With committed stickers the muffler temperature guard and wheel rims, this variation features a horn target with Dachshund emblem, dedicated serial number for every associated with the limited-edition bikes, and committed helmet with Tamiya custom logo. It certainly fascinated bicycle fans - whether that be complete size or in miniature scale – around the world.

• 1/12 scale model installation kit. Length: 147mm, height: 67mm, height: 103mm.
• major elements including motor, swing supply, front side part fork and muffler are connected to the frame by screws.
• The bike’s metal-plated components such as for example muffler guard and part covers are depicted by metal-plated elements.
• Plastic components molded in blue, silver color, black colored colored and clear (transparent) assistance modelers imagine the color scheme linked to the Honda Dax125 Tamiya Limited Edition.
• Front/rear artificial plastic tires have really practical depictions of tread methods, while the chair has authentic renderings of material techniques.
• Includes another steel springtime for back damper springtime, and vinyl pipelines for accel wiring, stopping system hose and plug cord.
• pick from the typical variation (pearl nebula red or pearl cadet grey) combined with the Tamiya Limited Edition.
• the initial helmet with all the current Tamiya customized logo design – which purchasers might get only once buying the Tamiya Limited Edition – typically recreated.

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