15355 Tamiya - JR PRO High Speed Gear Set - MS Chassis/Gear Ratio 4:1  [15355]

Tamiya 15355 - JR PRO High Speed Gear Set - MS Chassis/Gear Ratio 4:1
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Providing the high rate gear incorporated with Mini 4WD PRO Nitro Thunder and Nitro Force as a new grade up component to widen developing options. Mini 4WD PRO racers built with small tires and super price 3.5:1 gear may experience dulling of acceleration on courses with a higher number of curves, while the engine becomes stressed when regular deceleration is needed. To be able to enhance acceleration in such instances, utilize this 4:1 tall Speed Gear in conjunction because of the REV-Tuned or other high revolution motor. Additionally of use as additional element of replace old or worn-out gears.

Set includes the immediate following: G19 (blue) countertop gear x 2, G20 (orange) spur gear x 2. Gear ratio is 4:1
*Compatible Chassis: Mini 4WD PRO (MS Chassis only)


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1 Reviews
I have been purchasing Tamiya products with Rcjaz for a couple of months now, selection is awesome and service is quick and reliable, considering I leave half way around the world.

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