Tamiya 15450 - JR Basic Tune-Up Parts Set for AR Chassis  [15450]

Tamiya 15450 - JR Basic Tune-Up Parts Set for AR Chassis
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alt="Tamiya 15450 - JR Basic Tune-Up Parts Set for AR Chassis" title="Tamiya 15450 - JR Basic Tune-Up Parts Set for AR Chassis"
  • Here is the Tamiya #15450 - JR fundamental Tune-Up Parts Set for AR Chassis.

Specs and characteristics:

  • AR version of the very best framework [First Tri Parts] as elements for novices.
  • Additionally possible to perform mass damper roller additionally to setting the present main-stream setting.
  • Setup concerning the item before and following the FRP plate, low friction artificial roller x 6 f13mm, mass damper x 2,Paul stabilizer x 2, hexagonal dish wrench device set also, such as for instance necessary for installation Gomupaipu
  • FRP bowl of the front and back wide status of a fresh design optimized for AR framework.
  • f9, along with 13,19 mm roller, front side roller also f17mm f11mm, f11mm and rear
  • New design that may be set up.
  • along with renovating a wider range.
  • AR can be used framework, PRO four wheel drive mini, VS, Super XX, every single vehicle.

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