22016 Tamiya - TA08 Low Friction King Pin Balls (4 Pcs.) OP-2016  [22016]

Tamiya 22016 - TA08 Low Friction King Pin Balls (4 Pcs.) OP-2016
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Tamiya has released TA08 Low Friction King Pin Balls 4 Pcs. OP-2016 under TA-08 category

They are 7mm suspension system balls to be utilized regarding Tamiya TC-01 and TA-08 framework. The balls are lighter compared to the standard metal balls, that assist reduce un-sprung fat towards suspension system system system.

• TA08 minimal Friction King Pin Balls x4
• used in host to 7mm suspension system balls and king-pins.
• Aluminum elements (changed from kit-standard metal) feature an arduous anodized complete to improve rigidity.
• One master pin ball provides a weight reduced total of about 0.4 grms, which assists in easing un-sprung fat, for enhanced performance.
• can be used either front or back. (requires two sets to fully setup one kit.) Use one master pin ball at top and bottom for every upright.
• whenever making use of this Hop-Up Option, changing (TC-01 C/D elements (suspension system products 51663) (2pcs.) and 51669 (TA08 D elements (suspension system system Arms) 2pcs. is advised.
• right for the TC-01 and TA08 PRO (item 58693) framework cars.

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