22055 Tamiya - XV-02 Aluminum Adjust Suspension Mount (XH)  [22055]

Tamiya 22055 - XV-02 Aluminum Adjust Suspension Mount (XH)



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Tamiya has released XV-02 Aluminum Adjust Suspension Mount XH under category
This option suspension mount is made of aluminum and incorporates resin bushings. The bushings can be inserted in different positions, which allow adjustment of toe and skid angles. By adjusting toe and skid angles, the handling of the XV-02 can be fined tuned beyond the stings from the stock parts.

• Aluminum Adjustable Suspension Mount x1
• Bushing for Adjustable Suspension Mounts (Item 54922) x1
• Allows firm suspension attachment.
• Compatible with XV-01 and XV-02 chassis cars. (Can be used either front or rear.)

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