31910 Tamiya - 1/700 Royal Australian Navy Destroyer Vampire  [31910]

Tamiya 31910 - 1/700 Royal Australian Navy Destroyer Vampire
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Following current launch of the British Battle Cruiser Repulse, Tamiya now adds the Royal Australian Navy destroyer HMAS Vampire towards Waterline Series. This ship ended up being due to the Repulse and Prince of Wales when they was sunk throughout the Battle of Malaya

Regarding the HMAS Vampire Designed and integrated Britain during WWI, the Vampire first served with all the British Royal Navy before getting used in Royal Australian Navy in 1933. After serving inside Mediterranean,she joined up with the British Navy's Force Z at Singapore, and with the Prince of Wales,Repulse, and 3 other destroyers, sortied on December 8, 1941. The vessels was indeed spotted, plus in the ensuing attack by Japanese planes the Prince of Wales and Repulse have been sunk, aided by the destroyers left to save lots of survivors. After this incident, the HMAS Vampire proceeded to work into the Indian Ocean until April 9, 1942, whenever she had been sunk off Ceylon along with aircraft provider HMS Hermes by Japanese provider planes.

In regards to the Model

  • Compact 1/700 scale construction model kit associated with the HMAS Vampire.
  • Features polycaps for many main weapon jobs and torpedo launchers to allow free rotation for dynamic display opportunities.
  • Includes top-notch decals for ship markings including a flag sheet.
  • Recreate Force Z by showing the Vampire along with ITEM 31615 Uk Battleship Prince of Wales Battle of Malaya, ITEM 31617 British Battle Cruiser Repulse, and ITEM 31909 British E Class Destroyer.

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