32541 Tamiya - 1/48 Crusader Mk.I/II  [32541]

Tamiya 32541 - 1/48 Crusader Mk.I/II
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In regards to the British Crusader Mk.We & II Tank

Inside the 1930's, a British objective observed the maneuvers of this Russian armed forces and were impressed by the performance of numerous their tanks, of afflicted with the designs of usa Walter Christie. The British made a decision to build up their quick 'cruiser' tank for their army and their efforts sooner or later resulted in the Crusader. With regards to joined practical solution in 1941 as an element of procedure Battleaxe in North Africa, the Crusader ended up being discovered become faster than its German counterparts, but had a less effective gun, slimmer armor, and ended up being less reliable. Nonetheless, it served well as a battletank until changed by more recent designs.

Specs & Features

  • High quality 1/48 scale create model kit can be developed to depict Crusader Mk.we or Mk.II.
  • Variations in turret details concerning the two variations including device weapon turret and front panel meticulously replicated.
  • Die-cast framework for additional weight and realism.
  • Tank treads are installation kind, with all the current top area featuring practical droop effect.
  • Markings for 3 various tanks included.

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