35386 Tamiya 1/35 WWII German Machine Gun Troops Team Set  [35386]

Tamiya 35386 1/35 WWII German Machine Gun Troops Team Set
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This model kit figure set recreates German device Gun Troops recreated by cutting- benefit molding technology. During WWII, the German Army employed two types of product firearms – MG34 and MG42 – because the nucleus among these small hands. These device firearms had effective firepower and high shooting speed. Furthermore, making use of foldable tripod Lafette besides the telephoto optical sight assisted these device firearms worked at extended range. The accessory of loader mag permitted shooting by one soldier. A machine gun group ordinarily had from less than six soldiers: one set (one gunner then one loader) along with other soldiers who carry ammunition, extra gun barrels and tripod. Their objective ranged from security from enemies to guide of troops.

• 1/35 scale synthetic model installation set.
• German product weapon troops authentically capture the middle-WWII length.
• covers components for 5 figures in an authentic pose: soldier shooting utilizing the MG42, main and sub gunners shooting aided by the Lafette, a commander supporting them and ammo provider replenishing ammunition.
• Newly molded elements have realistic renderings of details particularly Lafette and add-ons.
• Ammunition circumstances are rendered at size with slide molding.
• Make diorama with 1/35 scale kits recreating tanks and armor which arrived during WWII.

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