#35387 Tamiya - 1/35 Leopard 2 A7V  [35387]

Tamiya #35387 - 1/35 Leopard 2 A7V
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This model kit recreates the Leopard 2 A7V in 1/35 scale. Set alongside the Leopard 2 A6 model kit, that's been released in 2004, this kit employs new elements and tooling. The Leopard 2 A7V is an improved form of A7 (A7 is enhanced kind of A6 while the “V” into the A7V designation represents “verbessert” (improved) ) and features extra hull front armor and component skirts for improved defense. The suspension system system finished up being in addition enhanced to simply help cope with the tank’s excess fat. The A7V inherits the A6’s L/55 120mm weapon, but utilizing the updated shell, the A7V normally takes in enemy armor around five kilometers away. Products started getting the A7V in September 2021 and A7Vs saw further improvements like turret-top stowage containers and primary sight visor.

• 1/35 scale synthetic model arranged kit. Length: 320mm, width: 110mm.
• extra details contain square headlights, front extra armor meal and updated turret rear sort.
• Photo-etched parts have actually in fact really practical renderings of motor grille mesh and turret-side container components.
• Mud flaps are depicted on turret right back sides.
• Snap together setup type songs have in reality one-piece right sections.
• Includes two torso figures which depict commander and loader. Pick from head components with helmet and beret.
• is sold with many different three marking alternatives to the 393rd Panzer Battalion once the 104th Panzer Battalion.
• Decals are set to be used inside depiction of insignia on arms and German flags on sleeves for the figures.
• includes masking stickers for clear elements.

  • Construction Type : Assembly Kit
  • Required to perform : Cement, Paint and Finishing Supplies
  • Scale : 1/35

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