#43504 Tamiya - 1/10 Factory Assembled Glow-Engine R/C Car  [43504]

Tamiya #43504 - 1/10 Factory Assembled Glow-Engine R/C Car



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Tamiya has released Factory Assembled Glow-Engine R/C Car in 1/10 R/C Models AWD drivetrain RTR (Ready-to-Run) under Nitro Powered On-Road Touring Cars category

Devices undoubtedly bring R/C cars to life. Tamiya presents a factory put together Glow-Engine R/C automobile reproduction of Subaru WRC 2002. A faithfully reproduced body on an engine framework will be the perfect combo for genuine R/C excitement, bringing the buyer even more near to the rally scene!

Bundle Cool Items Deserve Cool Packages

Pre-painted and pre-stickered body with cut-out kept screen for heat escape, pre-assembled framework, and transmitter are conveniently within the exact same package, so that you're willing to move right through the package.

Body and TransmitterYou Can EXPEC top!

Aided by the all-new, cutting-edge EXPEC wheel and trigger kind transmitter, users can get top control.

ChassisEmploys the TGS Chassis

Resin monocoque frame with aluminum die-cast energy train deck provides effective heat escape. R/C electronics are encased in a distinctive box for security.

ACSEmploys ACS (Active Coolant System)

The low regarding the power train deck features atmosphere intake causing motor fan for proper environment diffusion. ACS is beneficial inside prevention of motor over-heating.

FS-12SS engineEmployment of FS-12SS Engine

The TGS framework employs a superior FS-12SS engine (2.11cc) that boasts superior air-intake and effective running. Includes convenient recoil starter.

Suspension4-Wheel Double Wishbone Suspension

The TGS framework features 4-wheel double wishbone suspension to know exceptional road-holding. Shaft driven 4WD affords high reliability. Front part and backside gear situations are both high-precision and tightly closed for smooth-running differential gears.

Fundamental Specs

Overall size: 441mm General width: 185mm General height: 148mm

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