43521 Tamiya - 1/10 XBG NITRO BLASTER  [43521]

Tamiya 43521 - 1/10 XBG NITRO BLASTER
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alt="Tamiya 43521 - 1/10 XBG NITRO BLASTER" title="Tamiya 43521 - 1/10 XBG NITRO BLASTER"
alt="Tamiya 43521 - 1/10 XBG NITRO BLASTER" title="Tamiya 43521 - 1/10 XBG NITRO BLASTER"
alt="Tamiya 43521 - 1/10 XBG NITRO BLASTER" title="Tamiya 43521 - 1/10 XBG NITRO BLASTER"
alt="Tamiya 43521 - 1/10 XBG NITRO BLASTER" title="Tamiya 43521 - 1/10 XBG NITRO BLASTER"
alt="Tamiya 43521 - 1/10 XBG NITRO BLASTER" title="Tamiya 43521 - 1/10 XBG NITRO BLASTER"
alt="Tamiya 43521 - 1/10 XBG NITRO BLASTER" title="Tamiya 43521 - 1/10 XBG NITRO BLASTER"
High Speed Engine R/C Made Effortless! The high pitched screaming engine, the sweet odor of gas and exhaust fumes, the awesome rate from the start line, nothing at all quite comes even near to the buzz of engine R/C. Whether you're currently addicted and seeking for an increased performance hassle free fresh ride, or you're not used to engine R/C, the Nitro Blaster will certainly satisfy. Set contains factory built framework fully constructed with a robust 2.5cc engine, completely finished human body and stickers pre-applied, and trigger type transmitter. With the capacity of lightning rates on both dirt and on-road songs, Nitro Blaster could keep your competitors behind regardless of the top.

Brand New Tech, Awesome Efficiency! Nitro Blaster is operating on Tamiya's NDF-01 framework, featuring aluminum die-cast engine mount built-into exceedingly durable resin paid off deck for optimum temperature dissipation and low center of gravity, and engine and vehicle's gas tank loaded towards center of framework for perfect fat blood supply. The massive energy from the 2.5cc engine is changed into genuine running performance via center bulkhead, totally sealed and bearing packed differential gear package, and universal bones. Aided by the NDF-01, you not merely get a good radiance engine, but an exceptionally efficient and extremely reliable racing device.

High end FR-15S motor Effective recoil start FR-15S motor features 2.5cc displacement with big diameter slide-valve carburetor and back exhaust design. Engine features adjustable primary needle and idle needle to get optimum motor performance. High performance disk stopping system system supplies the safe and handled stopping necessary for a high-powered engine.

Front influence Control System (FICS) 4-wheel separate double wishbone suspension system system features additional long suspension hands expanding from center of framework. Front suspension system system arms are protected by front Impact Control System (FICS), which absorbs effect during a front-on collision by an expandable suspension system mount. Camber angle and toe is also adjustable for both front side and back tires.

Large-sized Ball Bearings Huge ball bearings, including 2112 bearings, are used through drive train for very long lasting, efficient performance. Exceedingly smooth framework base for most useful skid performance ended up being acquired via sinking all screw minds and eliminating any height difference between paid off deck and aluminum die-cast engine mount.

Trigger Type Transmitter for Precise Control Transmitter happens to be specially produced by recognized German commercial designer, H. A. Muth, designer associated with Suzuki GSX1000S Katana bicycle. The original, ergonomic design, features steering wheel and trigger placed for maximum performance with reduced interruptions. All components that require a soft touch for accuracy maneuvering including controls, trigger and grip happen created from quality soft resin. Control switches and trims are situated regarding the front side for a person friendly design.

Basic Requirements

  • General length: 440mm, width: 265mm, height: 175mm
  • general fat: 2590g (*Weight includes batteries packed, fuel unloaded)
  • Chassis product: soluble fiber glass based nylon
  • Suspension: Independent double wishbone front and back suspension
  • Drive train: Shaft driven 4WD
  • Tire width/diameter: 40/90mm (front side side and back)

Things required (sold separately) Glow plug heater, fuel filler, glow-engine fuel and R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter & receiver

Quantity of Tune-Up Alternatives ITEM No. PRODUCT NAME

  • 53778 NDF-01 Off-Road Spring Set
  • 53780 NDF-01 2-Speed Transmission
  • 53781 2112 Sealed Ball Bearing Set (2 pcs.)
  • 53799 NDF-01 Inner Sponge (4 pcs.)
  • 53801 NDF-01 Twin Brake Set
  • 53802 NDF-01 Reinforced Drive Flange Shaft
  • 53803 NDF-01 On-Road Stabilizer Set
  • 53812 NDF-01 2-Speed Transmission Steel Joint Ball
  • 53813 NDF-01 2-Speed Transmission Reinforced Clutch Bell
  • 53814 NDF-01 2-Speed Transmission Driven Gear (54T/57T)
  • 53815 NDF-01 2-Speed Transmission Drive Gear 12T (very first Gear)
  • 53816 NDF-01 2-Speed Transmission Drive Gear 13T (first Gear)
  • 53817 NDF-01 2-Speed Transmission Drive Gear 14T (second Gear)
  • 53818 NDF-01 2-Speed Transmission Drive Gear 15T (second Gear)
  • 53819 NDF-01 Reinforced Steel Drive Gear 12T
  • 53820 NDF-01 Reinforced Metal Drive Gear 13T
  • 53821 12mm Aluminum Wheel Nut (4 pcs.)

RTR NITRO XB KITS NEED: (unless stated in a different way above)

  • Battery: 4AA for Receiver 8AA for Transmitter
  • Fuel: Nitro Glow Fuel
  • Starting gear: Glow igniter
  • Misc. Things: Building and track gear

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