53762 Tamiya - 1/16 RC Tank Gun Barrel Stabilizer Unit  [53762]

Tamiya 53762 - 1/16 RC Tank Gun Barrel Stabilizer Unit



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Tamiya has released Tank Gun Barrel Stabilizer Unit under RC Tanks category
Following the popular release of the 1/16 R/C Leopard 2 A6 battle tank, Tamiya releases a Gun Barrel Stabilizer (GBS) unit meeting the demands for more realism and more options. Just like the full-size tank, the GBS unit automatically adjusts cannon angle relative to turret, keeping cannon pointed at a fixed target even while on the move.
  • GBS unit easily connects to DMD unit with only slight adjustment required.
  • Unit can be switched on and off via transmitter.

*Compatible DMD: DMD T-07 (Leopard 2 A6) only

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