Tamiya 54413 - RC F104 Aluminum HE Roll Damper - High-Efficiency OP.1413 RM-01 OP-1413  [54413]

Tamiya 54413 - RC F104 Aluminum HE Roll Damper - High-Efficiency OP.1413 RM-01 OP-1413
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  • The Friction Roll Damper in the F104X1 Chassis (product 84203) and F104W GP Edition (product 84262) can be had individually as a Hop-Up or spare-part for almost any Tamiya vehicle which makes use of a friction roll damper or oil filled damper unit.
  • The damper modification is achieved by using different viscosities of oil in the slotted low friction internal pipe. Versus using an oil filled damper product, the friction roll damper can provide constant roll characteristics because easy design and has now less components to help keep up.
  • Racers Suggestion: For both RM-01 and F104V.2 you need to have a less strenuous time adjusting roll on outside tracks using this Hop-Up Option component. Simply by applying different greases you ought to have the capability to quickly make changes. The oil filled roll damper is an oil-filled shock; it takes one to build it with no atmosphere bubbles for the specified environment which may show problematic for some builders. The use of a friction roll damper will help you to definitely make smarter using your time regarding track.

Specs and Features:

  • 5mm synthetic adjusters x4
  • Aluminum high Lubrication master roll damper x1
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) low friction inner pipeline (slotted to put on oil better)
  • 3mm threaded screw x1
  • Compatible with RM-01, F104X1, F104 V.2 and F104 WGP

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