#54936 Tamiya - Brass Adjustable Suspension Mount (A) TRF420/TRF419/TA07 /TB-05   [54936]

Tamiya #54936 - Brass Adjustable Suspension Mount (A) TRF420/TRF419/TA07 /TB-05



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Tamiya has released Brass Adjustable Suspension Mount A TRF420/TRF419/TA07 /TB-05 under category
They truly are heavier brass variations the TAMIYA brand new adjustable suspension system mount designs regarding TRF420 framework kit. The steel variation will include unwanted weight when compared with aluminum counterparts. You can find three several types of mount, each with various dimensions. The included bushing sprue contains 7 pairs of various bushing kinds, each type with a new gap the suspension system shafts, offering an overall of 25 prospective shaft offset functions to fine tune your TA-07, TB-05, TRF419, and TRF420 to different track designs and conditions.

• Brass Adjustable Suspension Mount (A) x1
• Bushings Sprue x1
• This mount allows settings between XA and C (toe angles rely on separate suspension system mounts and bushings utilized).
• appropriate for TRF420, TRF419, TA07 and TB-05 framework automobiles.

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