#54945 Tamiya - CC-02 Low-Friction 6mm Ball Collars (18 Pcs.) LF  [54945]

Tamiya #54945 - CC-02 Low-Friction 6mm Ball Collars (18 Pcs.) LF



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Tamiya has released CC-02 Low-Friction 6mm Ball Colla18 Pcs. LF under category
Enhance the CC-02 chassis’ performance more with your low-friction elements, that can be within host to kit-standard plastic components (C9). These components offer smoother motion the website link arms to the rigid suspension setups, for improved motion and a ground-hugging drive performance!

• Low-Friction 6mm Ball Collars x18
• they're durable steel elements with a low-friction plated surface for minimal friction.
• Sixteen are for use with all the link fingers, and something each to the steering linkage and battery meal.
• ideal for CC-02 framework automobiles.

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