56702 Tamiya - 1/16 RC Tamtech Gear TT-Gear The Hornet - GB01  [56702]

Tamiya 56702 - 1/16 RC Tamtech Gear TT-Gear The Hornet - GB01
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alt="Tamiya 56702 - 1/16 RC Tamtech Gear TT-Gear The Hornet - GB01" title="Tamiya 56702 - 1/16 RC Tamtech Gear TT-Gear The Hornet - GB01"

TamTech-Gear is Tamiya's amazing genre of R/C buggies which can be compact in dimensions, yet full of power and effective. The next launch is founded on the classic Hornet racer, and features a fashionable black colored and yellowish color scheme. Lightweight 2WD chassis features 4-wheel separate friction damped suspension system with completely adjustable surprise angle roles. Adjustable slipper clutch and full ball bearings secure optimum transmission efficiency. Ball differential, rear-wheel drive train and universal drive shafts included as standard components imply that the TamTech-Gear Hornet is more than your normal mini-R/C automobile.

with regards to the Model

  • Compact-sized and ready-to-run 2WD electric R/C off road buggy.
  • Racing-ready framework features 4-wheel separate suspension.
  • High effectiveness 370 size electric motor, backside wheel drive train and general lightweight framework provides extended operating time greater than 30 mins.
  • Includes compact ESC, receiver and servo and 2-channel wheel type transmitter (Expec SP).
  • Complete ball bearings for improved transmission efficiency.
  • Polycarbonate body shell features design patterned after Tamiya's Hornet racing buggy.
  • Complete lineup of preference elements available.

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