58359 Tamiya - 1/10 RC ESSO Ultraflo Supra - TT01 Chassis  [58359]

Tamiya 58359 - 1/10 RC ESSO Ultraflo Supra - TT01 Chassis
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Inside Quest to Reclaim the Title:The venerable Supra joined the 2005 Super GT period trying to reclaim the championship title it hadn't won for just two years. With a robust 4.5 liter V8 motor and advanced aerodynamic body, the Supra is a perennial name contender, and among the list of lineup of Supras on grid in 2005 ended up being the one which sported the Tamiya logo, the Esso Ultraflo Supra. Tamiya is now proud to offer this awesome battle automobile regarding high-performance TA05 chassis. All the car's body is accurately replicated in durable polycarbonate, including separately molded part mirrors and back wing. Top-notch stickers for all the sponsor logos although the eye-catching tiger design are pre-applied to make a photo-realistic finish.

User-friendly Shaft-driven 4WD TT-01 Chassis:The TT-01 framework features a bathtub framework along with the R/C mechanisms and battery pack situated low and flat for exceptional security and low center of gravity. 4-wheel double wishbone suspension and front/rear differential gears provide smooth managing performance. Fashionable wheels loaded with rushing slick tires assure numerous grip for on-road race.

Length: 442mm
Wheelbase: 257mm
Motor: Type RS540
Drivetrain: Shaft-driven 4WD
Diff. Gear: Front/Rear 3 bevel diff.
Steering Rod: 3-piece
Suspension: Front/Rear double wishbone
Dampers: Front/Rear friction dampers
Gear Ratio: 8.35:1
Tire Width/Diameter: 27mm/67mm (front part & rear)
Tire Tread Patter: Front/Rear Slick
Speed Controller: ESC

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