58584 Tamiya - 1/10 RC TT-02D Drift Spec Chassis Kit  [58584]

Tamiya 58584 - 1/10 RC TT-02D Drift Spec Chassis Kit



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Tamiya has released Drift Spec Kit in 1/10 R/C Models TT-02D AWD drivetrain assembly kit under On-Road Drift Cars category

  • TT-02 drift tuned chassis kit!
    Good balance to the left battery, was laid out in portrait orientation to the right motor driving stability by design, by the left and right common review and number of parts, and set beginners new standard with high maintainability and ease of freshly see TT-02. The finish on the properties it is easy to drift based on this chassis chassis Kit has appeared as early. Combined with plated mesh wheel in addition to the drift tires were combined, full ball bearings, sport motor, CVA oil dampers. A as a new design further strengthening to match the drift motor heat sink, powerful plastic parts were also standard equipment. Blue, block the battery holder also visually and silver plated brake disk type wheel hub.
  • TT-02D standard parts
  • OP.1476 TT-02 full bearing set
  • SP.746 CVA Damper Super Mini × 2
  • OP.1020 super drift tire (24mm width) × 2
  • OP.1571 TT-02 Aluminum Motor Heat Sink (Released in February)
  • Reinforced resin type TT-02 A parts × 2
  • OP.68 RS-540 Sport Tuned Motor

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