58665 Tamiya - 1/10 Toyota Gazoo Racing TS050 Hybrid (F103GT Chassis)  [58665]

Tamiya 58665 - 1/10 Toyota Gazoo Racing TS050 Hybrid (F103GT Chassis)



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alt="Tamiya 58665 - 1/10 Toyota Gazoo Racing TS050 Hybrid (F103GT Chassis)" title="Tamiya 58665 - 1/10 Toyota Gazoo Racing TS050 Hybrid (F103GT Chassis)"
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Tamiya has released Toyota Gazoo Racing TS050 Hybrid F103GT in 1/10 R/C Models RWD drivetrain assembly kit under On-Road Formula Cars category

F103GT - Fun, Responsive Direct Drive!

The F103GT framework utilizes 2WD direct drive, with a rear-mounted engine. Its FRP double-deck frame employs 1.5mm top and 2.5mm paid off decks, cushioned by link-type arm and coil spring left/right independent front suspension system. An FRP T-bar could be the centerpiece from the rigid straight back suspension setup, in tandem utilizing the friction dish and coil springtime product to provide a smooth drive. The height adjustable gear situation enables many different ground approval settings, and possesses a high-performance ball differential. Front uprights give a 3° caster angle, and they are designed with 850 ball bearings. Incomparable a pleasurable, responsive drive! SpecificationsLength: 418mm, Width: 188mm, Height: 115mm
  • Wheelbase: 257mm
  • Tread: 156mm (front part & straight back)
  • Tire Width/Diameter: 26/66mm (Front & Rear)
  • FRP Double-Deck Frame
  • Direct Drive 2WD
  • Ball Differential
  • 2-Piece Steering Tie-Rod
  • Suspension: Kingpin Coil Sprung Independent L/R (Front), Rigid Type with FRP T-Bar and Friction Damper (back)
  • Gear Ratio = 5.00:1
  • Type 540 engine
  • Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) comes independently. Separately needed Items2-Channel R/C System w/ESC
  • R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter
  • Battery Pack & Charger
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