60318 Tamiya - 1/32 Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Fighter Model 52 (Zeke)  [60318]

Tamiya 60318 - 1/32 Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Fighter Model 52 (Zeke)
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The Maximum Zero

The A6M5 Zero Fighter Model 52 is wholly reproduced due to the best of details and moveable components providing you with one superb 1/32 scale model. Tamiya has placed their life blood into creating this splendid model. This set comes with steel components depicting the 20mm cannon barrels and pitot pipeline for a sharper finish. Fine details including the pre-painted device tool barrels plus the metal plated pitot pipelines actually get this model be noticed. One new set of markings to depict an aircraft into the Aircraft Carrier Junyo at Marianas is roofed. Also, it is possible to correctly keep your completed model in its unique packaging. This refined model accurately represents the A6M5 Model 52 Zero Fighter which struggled overwhelming selection of superior U.S. aircraft. Reproducing this phenomenal little bit of Japanese aircraft technology is truely enjoyable.

with regards to the Zero

The Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero was the Japanese Navy's main fighter through the entire Pacific Theater during WWII. Inside second 1 / 2 of war, the model 52 Zero, a refined kind of the model 22, aimed to battle the more and more superior U.S. aircraft. It featured a shorter 11m wingspan with curved wingtips, was running on the same 1130hp Nakajima "Sakae" engine as observed in the model 22 Zero, and had the most recent exhaust propulsion system which provided it a 565km/h top speed. The A6M5 arrived armed with two 7.7mm unit guns and 20mm belt-feed type cannons for each wing. Deployment with this A6M5 began within the autumn of 1943, additionally saw action on Solomon campaign combined with the Marianas. It fearlessly defended Japan against overwhelming numbers and superior U.S. aircraft until abdominal muscles final day of the war.

Specs & Features

  • That is a 1/32 scale synthetic assembly kit form of the A6M5 Zero Fighter model 52 Zeke which fought inside latter stages of WWII.
  • Length: 285mm, Width: 344mm.
  • The wonderful human body line through the uniquely curved engine cowl towards wings is faithfully reproduced.
  • Besides the realistically reproduced fuselage, the Nakajima "Sakae" kind 21 engine and cockpit inside are full of information.
  • The rudder, flaps, together with paid off fuselage elements are moveable.
  • Selection of either available or closed cowl flaps and canopy.
  • Included steel parts guarantee a sharp finish for the 20mm cannons and pitot pipe. Device tool barrels have been pre-painted.
  • Photo-etched components depicting steel components such as for example atmosphere intake mesh and seatbelts are included for greater realism.
  • The kit comes with four forms of decals including one all-new option plus masking seals the canopy.
  • Two pilot figures in standing and seated functions are included.
  • A display stand to depict the Zero "In-Flight" is included.
  • Finished model is held inside special packaging.


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1 Reviews
Great service, excellent communication, some of the lowest prices on the internet and can't fault there shipping really. Overall great place to purchase from and will definitely use again in the future.

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