#61078 Tamiya - 1/48 Nakajima Gekko Type 11 Late Version  [61078]

Tamiya #61078 - 1/48 Nakajima Gekko Type 11 Late Version



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Tamiya has released Nakajima Gekko Type 11 Late Version in 1/48 Scale Models assembly kit under Propeller Aircrafts Military Series category

The tale associated with the Gekko (Moonlight)

It absolutely was become another long-range harassment of this Japanese outpost of Rabaul, unique Britain Island. Into the really early hours of may 21, 1943, the B-17 Flying Fortresses associated with the 43d Bombardment Group moved inland, placing independently in array of Japanese fighters. The gunners scanned the darkness concerning the evening sky for enemy aircraft, nonetheless it seemed clear. Then, before the bomb run could begin, enemy fire pierced the underbelly the bomber and struck the machines, delivering the B-17 crashing in the ocean. The deadly shots started in the 20mm firearms of fixed-angle, oblique-firing system mounted on a Japanese "Gekko" (Moonlight) night fighter, your US would later on name, "Irving". Its development goes back to 1938, when the Japanese Navy ended up being preparing a twin-engine fighter to help its long-range bombers. The aircraft ended up being must be with the capacity of greater rates and longer range set alongside the "Zero", and matching to it regarding maneuverability. The Nakajima Company brought ahead a model, the 13-Shi Twin-engine Land-Based Fighter (J1N1), that used two 1000hp "Sakae" engines, one for every of its sturdy primary wings. Because it proved inferior compared to single-engine fighters of that time period, it was used as a sort 2 Land-based Reconnaissance Aircraft (J1N1-R). Nevertheless the must counter the nocturnal B-17 bombers inside Southwest Pacific led to its transformation into a night-fighter. This modification came into being by positioning the armaments to fire at an oblique angle from style of journey, permitting the fighters to swiftly hit the bombers while maintaining a parallel course and rate with a target either above or below.

Exquisite Activity

  • 1/48 scale enjoyable is ideal to understand the delicate curvatures and subtle detailing with this legendary IJN aircraft.
  • Oblique guns and ammo circumstances recreated with stunning precision. Gun examination hatch are modeled in the open or shut position.
  • Model includes markings for just two aircraft and two finely sculpted numbers.

The sort 99 20mm number two Fixed device firearms

The type 99 20mm # 2 Fixed unit firearms was set up obliquely inside Gekko. These fearsome weapons might be laden up with about 100 bullets each (but frequently, only 90 had been packed due the rigidity regarding the springs). Two of the guns have been installed in the top fuselage and two regarding reduced fuselage for a complete of four. But there were some aircraft with three guns ahead but without the lower tools.

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