#70244 Tamiya - Swivelbot  [70244]

Tamiya #70244 - Swivelbot



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alt="Tamiya #70244 - Swivelbot" title="Tamiya #70244 - Swivelbot"
alt="Tamiya #70244 - Swivelbot" title="Tamiya #70244 - Swivelbot"
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Tamiya has released Swivelbot under Model Kits STEM category
This scholastic Construction show construction kit creates an original Swivelbot. The model moves ahead because the front tires turn. Whenever hitting hurdles especially walls, the key wheel and crown gearbox go on to the best, so the model changes its way. The Swivelbot might be an extraordinary creation to all or any several years since it moves around, dodging hurdles.

• Assembly kit. Length:102.2mm, width:89.6mm, height:82.4mm, fat:110g (includes 11g battery power).
• uses a similar engine (FP030-KN-11160) as the one in Item 70245 Mini motor Slim Gearbox (2-Speed).
• Gearbox provides power to front wheel.
• Top antenna rotates even though the model goes.
• This model is easy to assemble because of the couple of screws (2mm screws x8, 3mm screws x3).
• Speed: 2.6 cm/s = 0.09 km/h (it might probably need about 38 moments to perform 1 meter.)
• requires AAA battery pack (x1) (offered independently).
• Stickers included for design.

  • Construction Type : Assembly Kit

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