72006 Tamiya - 4-Channel Remote Controller  [72006]

Tamiya 72006 - 4-Channel Remote Controller
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Ergonomic Design for Soft Control

Handling complex robots simply got a lot easier with Tamiya's new 4ch 4stick Controller. The ergonomic two-grip design fits easily within hands and the 4 control sticks are logically put many natural control layout. Additionally, you are going to select from low-power (2V) procedure or high-power (3V) procedure. This super easy to assembly controller includes a 2 meter very long control cable that enables a higher level of motion freedom. Around four 130 or 260 Type engines (offered individually) could be properly controlled.

  • Precision Movement Control

The two sticks regarding face concerning the controller are numerous conveniently created to get a grip on a robot's fundamental motions including forward/reverse and left/right turning. Sticks could be operated together or by themselves generate a wide collection of movement options.

  • Shoulder Sticks for Auxiliary Controls

Both shoulder-mounted sticks are completely used complex robots with crane hands or other such extra operational features. Even for greater ease of good use, all 4 control sticks function a self-neutral function.

  • Wiring Made Easy

The controller's 8 cords are conveniently included within a definite versatile tube to get rid of loose cables from interferring with robot procedure. The cable ends may semi-stripped to help within the wiring procedure generate construction a piece of cake.

  • Energy supply Freedom

The controller are running on two R14/C/UM2 batteries (one in each hold), or just one R20/D/UM1 battery pack. Just install the kit-included battery power terminal components that match each kind of battery pack to work with whichever kind is easier.

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