92437 Tamiya - 1/10 Super Clod Buster Gray Edition 4x4x4 Pick-up Truck  [92437]

Tamiya 92437 - 1/10 Super Clod Buster Gray Edition 4x4x4 Pick-up Truck
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alt="Tamiya 92437 - 1/10 Super Clod Buster Gray Edition 4x4x4 Pick-up Truck" title="Tamiya 92437 - 1/10 Super Clod Buster Gray Edition 4x4x4 Pick-up Truck"
alt="Tamiya 92437 - 1/10 Super Clod Buster Gray Edition 4x4x4 Pick-up Truck" title="Tamiya 92437 - 1/10 Super Clod Buster Gray Edition 4x4x4 Pick-up Truck"
Tamiya has released Super Clod Buster Gray Edition 4x4x4 Pick-up Truck in 1/10 R/C Models AWD drivetrain assembly kit under Off-Road Trucks category

This R/C model make kit creates a distinctive special-edition Super Clod Buster, a robust monster vehicle model featuring overwhelming performance operating on twin electric engines.

The iconic Tamiya monster car features an American pick-up automobile human anatomy that gives it a realistic appearance. Unlike the standard variation, where in fact the human anatomy about the Clod Buster comes molded in white, or subsequent limited-edition kits where the human anatomy arrived molded in black colored colored or plated in chrome, this version features front grill, environment consumption and roll club recreated with black colored colored molded components, the very first time ever! Also, our body and tires come molded in grey, in addition a short, with bumper and shock plastic parts molded in electric blue to complete straight down this ominous variation regarding popular monster automobile!

The Super Clod Buster features a twin-motor twin gearbox 4WD drive train, a durable link-arm, eight coil springs and massive 165mm diameter tires for effective and efficient running to overrun any barrier. Want to enjoy monster vehicle running? The Super Clod Buster will be the perfect monster truck in your case!

Two devices and 4WS system

The Super Clod Buster is composed of two machines and tightly sealed gearboxes which may have come molded together piece featuring its axle housing. Minimal power loss and smooth cornering are obtained as a result of a gear train transmission and differentials. The included Dual engine ESC supply ample capacity to obtain the vehicle over obstacles. Also, this monster truck are equipped with a 4WS system for 4-wheel drive steering. This feature makes tight cornering with such a big machine effortless!

• 1/10 scale set up kit
• Total size: 480mm Total width: 380mm Total height: 340mm.
• Chassis Material: ABS
• Chassis Shape: Bathtub Type
• Twin-Motor 4WD Chassis
• Suspension: Front and straight back Trailing Arm
• Front & right back sealed gearboxes utilize differential gears
• Transmission Type: Twin-motor twin gearbox 4WD drive train
• qualities 4-wheel steering system
• Includes two Type 540 motors.
• 165mm diameter, 110mm width semi-pneumatic big tires
• Durable body, big atmosphere consumption on bonnet and roll club with five auxiliary lamp buckets on cargo area.
• Includes Hobbywing THW 0880 Brushed Dual engine ESC (2-4S)
• Required to finish: 2-channel radio, steering servo, battery pack and charger, and Tamiya paints if an exceedingly detail body is desired.

  • Adjustable Gear Ratio : Fixed
  • Bearings : steel and plastic Bushings
  • Body Material : ABS Plastic-Molded in bray with black colored molded accent parts
  • Body Stickers : Included
  • Chassis Material : ABS Plastic
  • Construction Type : Assembly Kit
  • Differential Type : Gear
  • Drive Type : 4WD
  • Electronic Speed Control (esc) : Includes Hobbywing THW 0880 Brushed Dual motor ESC (2-4S)
  • Motor : 540-brushed type X 2
  • Required to execute : 2-channel radio, steering servo, 7.2volt battery & battery charger, and Tamiya TS paint. (If the modeler chooses to paint the kit)
  • Scale : 1/10
  • Shock Damper : Friction type
  • Special Feature 1 : Gray molded synthetic body with the accent body pieces molded in black
  • Special Feature 10 : Sticker color combination unique towards the edition
  • Special Feature 2 : Gray color molded tires
  • Special Feature 3 : Sky azure molded artificial shocks and framework bumper pieces unique with this edition
  • Terrain use : Multi-Purpose

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