95340 Tamiya - Mass Damper Set (Heavy, Black) for Mini 4WD (94844)  [95340]

Tamiya 95340 - Mass Damper Set (Heavy, Black) for Mini 4WD (94844)
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Tamiya has released Mass Damper Set Heavy, Black for Mini 4WD 94844 under Mini 4WD Spare Parts category

This Mass Damper Set features heavier loads compared to the standard versions that exist. The heavier set is great for enhanced damping after landing from big jumps. It’s additionally ideal for circuits with countless airtime!

Mass dampers are resonant devices used to suppress and take in vibration. Whenever arranged correctly on a Mini 4WD machine, they draw away vibrational power from device and dissipate it internally; reducing the movement regarding the vehicle and assisting it keep rate and cornering effectiveness.

  • Weights (Black) x 2pcs.
  • Ball Caps (Red) x 2pcs.
  • 2x30mm Screws x 3pcs.
  • Spacers, washers, and peanuts included.
  • Appropriate for any Mini 4WD or Mini 4WD PRO automobile.

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