95636 Tamiya - HG Heavy Aluminum Wheels Large Diameter Narrow (2 Pcs.)  [95636]

Tamiya 95636 - HG Heavy Aluminum Wheels Large Diameter Narrow (2 Pcs.)



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Tamiya has released HG Heavy Aluminum Wheels Large Diameter Narrow 2 Pcs. under Tires & Wheels Mini 4WD Spare Parts 2 category
They are large-diameter slim wheels built to fit Mini 4WD big diameter slim tires. The tires are made of machined-aluminum. Running security is improved set alongside the hefty resin tires which come standard in Mini 4WD kits because they provide a decreased center of gravity. The tires use a Polypropylene bushing insert that guarantees the tires spin effortlessly whenever from the stock wheel axle shaft.

• These 2 heavier tires plus bushings weigh approx. 14g (*) as moobs (around corresponding to 3 mass dampers or 1 mass damper (8x8x32)). *The fat is practically corresponding to Item 94993 (HG Heavy Aluminum Wheels for Low-Profile Tires (2pcs.)).
4 white PP bushings included.
• One set of these tires can be employed for either front side or back in adjust fat safety.
• Use with tires from Item 15368 (big Dia. Narrow Lightweight tires (w/Arched Tires), 15388 (Slim Reston Sponge Tires (black colored colored colored)) and reinforced shafts.
• use Item 10306 (Mini 4WD Bushing for Aluminum Wheels (White, 8pcs.) whenever changing wheel bushings.
• suitable for any Mini 4WD or Mini 4WD PRO cars with large-diameter, narrow tires. (remember that some figures may necessitate modification.)

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