358365 XRAY Front Spring 80mm - 3 Dots (2)  [XR-358365]

XRAY 358365 Front Spring 80mm - 3 Dots (2)
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XRAY has released Front Spring 80mm 3 Dots 2 under category

FRONT modern springs are particularly progressive, but under more compression modification traits to tend to be more linear. This gives exemplary feedback from vehicle in various track conditions. Marked with 3 dots for simple recognition. Band of 2.

Available as some, the springs are individually determined, managed, analyzed, and matched to supply identical damping characteristics. Through the selection procedure, each springtime is compressed in lots of fine increments as well as the values recorded, and then each spring is matched with another springtime of identical faculties. XRAY goes the extra mile to make sure perfect springtime fits, offering your vehicle the predictability and perseverance it is in addition crucial to allow you to lead the pack.
Remark :
Due to limited stock availability, please notice that some XRAY items may have to order from the factory and the ready time is around 4-6 weeks. Customer purchases the item is assumed to accept the waiting time which allows us to order directly from the manufacturer if the item is out of our warehouse.

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